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Why Symphona?

We are a team of advisory focused CPAs and professionals. Providing high-quality services from audits to IT is what we do. How we do it is by creating value in each relationship.

In fact, we made it our mission: To be the leading professional services firm by creating value in each relationship.

We have a high-touch and personal approach to financial guidance. Symphona has large firm resources with a small firm culture. One of our primary beliefs is that we believe companies of all sizes should have access to strategic financial service and innovative tools.

The firm has been recognized as an INSIDE Public Accounting Top 300 Firm and a Forbes magazine Most Recommended Accounting Firm.

Core Values

Integrity combined with competence, respect for commitments, forthright, fair and ethical in all our relationships.

Anticipating and exceeding the needs of our clients with consistent, high quality services.

Compliance with all professional standards and adherence to all applicable laws and regulations related to the services we provide.

Providing a learning environment for all team members to grow professionally and personally in order to increase and enhance our skill, our services and our relationships.

Giving back is part of our DNA. We celebrate community through service.

Our History

Symphona has a rich history of service to our clients. Ours is the culmination of many strong partnerships aggregating across decades, so that our firm provides hundreds of years’ worth of individual experience. The result is a depth of knowledge and expertise you won’t find elsewhere.


Bernard A. Lazard, CPA was founded, moved to Savannah from NYC in 1948


Lazard, Curlee & Company, LLP was founded when Edmund Curlee joined the firm


Deemer Davidson P.C. was founded after Richard G. Deemer spent five years with a national accounting firm


Froehle & Co. Inc., P.C. was founded by Jeff Froehle and Robert “Bob” Snapp and specializes in the private career school industry


Robert E. Thigpen & Co., CPAs was founded


Jones & Thigpen, P.C. was formed with the addition of Gilbert W. Jones


Thigpen, Jones, Seaton & Co., P.C. was formed


Deemer Davidson Prather P.C. was formed when Janet L. Prather joined the partnership


Arthur Dana & Company, P.C. was founded


Lazard Dana LLP was formed as CPA Pamela O’Quinn joined as partner


Froehle & Co. Inc., P.C. joined Lazard Dana LLP


Deemer Dana & Froehle LLP was formed


TJS & Co, LLC was formed


TJS Deemer Dana LLP was formed as TJS & Co, LLC merged with Deemer Dana & Froehle LLP


Skinner, Barndollar & Lane, P.C. joined, with Michael W. Skinner, Gail M. Barndollar, and Becky L. Lane


Hood & Palmer, CPAs, P.C. joined, bringing tax and estate expertise from Dublin


Verner & Associates, LLC joined with Michael G. Verner joining as partner emeritus and Brandon S. Verner and Alison E. Garrett as partners


Lew Salmon, CPA joined, bringing a full range of accounting, tax, and advisory services


Vertisys, LLC joined to expand service offerings to technology solutions


Corbak Office Technology Solutions, LLC joined


TJS Deemer Dana LLP became Symphona, where everything connects