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Improve efficiency and productivity with Symphona Outsourced Services

Solve today’s hiring challenges with experienced professionals who are devoted to supporting your business needs.

Make informed management decisions with accurate and timely data

Small to mid-size to large companies are served with expert accuracy from the Symphona team. We provide the up-to-date financial information you need to remain nimble while staying focused on your primary business offerings.


Have the Freedom to Get Back to Business

With outsourced business and accounting services from Symphona, you can:

  • Devote time to do what you do best – run your business
  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • Make informed management decisions knowing your financial information is accurate and timely
  • Provide bankers and creditors with reliable financial statements
  • Enjoy peace of mind that comes with having confidence in your financial information
  • Count on us to act as your controller, bookkeeper, and business consultant
  • Empower more remote work through cloud-based technologies

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Implementation, training, and support for QuickBooks®
  • Depreciation records maintenance
  • Monthly bookkeeping and financial statement preparation
  • Monthly, quarterly, and year-end reporting for state and federal payroll and sales tax
  • Payroll processing, including direct deposit services and W-2 preparation
  • Period-end closing—monthly, quarterly, or annually
  • Personal property tax reporting
  • Bank account reconciliation

And, if you need on-site assistance, our team is available to work at your office.

We Help You to Be Proactive

Let Symphona’s business planners and consultants act as a proactive arm of your organization:

  • Tax plans for business and financial strategy
  • Addressing tax challenges
  • Implementation strategy
  • Support in a continuously shifting regulatory environment

Our Team Helps Join Yours

The Symphona team can help you plan for success and guide you through each step of your merger or acquisition:

Ensure Due Diligence

  • Assess your target company’s operational and organizational environments and risks
  • Determine your integration needs and priorities
  • Anticipate potential integration challenges

Create a Seamless Transition Strategy

  • Identify gaps and overlaps in processes and technology investments
  • Share best practices among all parties
  • Address your resource needs
  • Create an integration strategy
  • Review combined supplier, partner, and customer relationships

Integrate your New Partner

  • Consolidate and streamline your processes and systems
  • Institute continuous communications with your investors, stakeholders, and key management
  • Capture and report metrics and progress

Payroll Made Easier

Rely on Symphona to make sure that your personnel are paid on time with efficient, accurate payroll services:

  • Processing
  • Direct deposit services
  • W-2 preparation

Energize Your Human Resources

If your HR department is overwhelmed, Symphona is here to help with a wide range of outsourced services, all for a simple, fixed fee.


  • Assess your needs, identify and source potential candidates, handle initial screenings, conduct all reference checks, and navigate the offer letter process with you.


  • Manage pre-onboarding paperwork and processes including application, consent forms, background checks, pre-employment drug screen, and new hire reporting (including E-verify and to the State).


  • Conduct exit interviews; report results of those interviews; administer creation, delivery, and tracking of applicable state required separation notices as well as company severance agreements.

Employee Handbook

  • Assess your needs, develop an Employee Handbook tailored to your business, meet with leadership to review, provide lunch-and-learn for all team members to review handbook, collect all signatures, and perform an annual review upon request.

Performance Management

  • Assess your needs, develop a self-evaluation for staff and supervisors, present in-person training for supervisors on coaching tools and on conducting evaluations, provide lunch-and-learn with staff to explain evaluation process, and collect all forms.

Coaching & Mentoring Programs

  • Implement and administer coaching and mentoring program; provide compliance programs on sexual harassment, diversity, discrimination and employee engagement.

Minimize Risk, Maximize ROI

From buy- and sell-side to refinancing, we work with you to identify where a transaction offers the most opportunities for a return on your investment:

  • Help mitigate risk for value realization
  • Financial, tax, and IT due diligence
  • Serving variety of industries
  • Transaction strategy and preparation
  • Integration advisory
  • Post transaction tax and assurance

Ensure a Smooth Transition

When it’s time for another to take the helm, Symphona can help your organization with:

  • Focus on options for the transition of business for future generations
  • Business transfer strategy
  • Generational transfer strategy
  • Executive benefits
  • Risk management
  • Transaction advisory
  • Private client succession

Secure Their Future

Symphona can help your business take care of your employee retirement, through:

  • Promoting financial wellness
  • Design of plan
  • Employee education
  • Strategic advisory
  • Compliance
  • Cost controls

Let Someone Else Take On the Tech

Outsource your technology services so that you can concentrate on your day-to-day business:

  • Managed IT services
  • End user help desk support
  • Strategic IT guidance
  • Backup and recovery
  • Full-time network monitoring
  • Security awareness training

Knowledge Can Be Your Business’ Best Asset

The valuation experts at Symphona understand:

  • It’s not easy to put a price on your business
  • If your company is involved in litigation, you need someone on your side
  • The complexities of business valuation, including the roles of economics, accounting, taxation, and business organization

Count on the knowledge we provide for an accurate picture of your financial standing.