TJS Deemer Dana and Vertisys are now Symphona!

TJS Deemer Dana and Vertisys are now Symphona!

September 8, 2022 | Symphona

GEORGIA, August 15, 2022 —TJS Deemer Dana LLP and Vertisys LLC are now Symphona. This name signifies all services, offices locations, and team members working together in harmony to bring successful resources to our clients. Learn more about Symphona here.

Symphona exemplifies a stark contrast from the traditional accounting industry norms of being named after current or former founders. The new brand uses the visual representation of a “music tie” and a relation to the word “symphony” to represent working together in a simple and beautiful concert.

“This is a name that represents exactly who we are as a firm. All parts connecting together, growing together, and continuing to create value in each relationship. The accounting industry is starting to shift with the culture we live in and our growth strategy has to reflect that change. Symphona is also the result of integrating our wholly-owned subsidiaries into one company name. We continue to look to the future and how we can better serve our clients as first-choice advisors” says Ken Wood, Managing Partner.

The firm focuses on accounting, consulting and technology, while using a collaborative spirit to help identify opportunity for our clients. Symphona has an immersive approach and seeks to understand a variety of organizations and personal financial needs to bring peace of mind as our world continues to change and evolve.

The large firm resources are balanced with a small firm culture. We strive to be accessible and caring partners while fostering relationships with our clients. The firm aims to allow companies of every size and individuals to have access to innovative business tools, advanced technology and focused solutions to improve their overall financial well-being.

We are proud to be Symphona. Where everything connects.

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